Shrader Street
Private Residence
San Francisco, California

The Shrader Street Residence is perched on the side of one of San Francisco’s many hills and enjoys a magnificent view overlooking Cole Valley and most of the city to the north and east.

Before WWII these were the williwags and the original house on the site ca1937 was built as a get away cottage. The house had gone through a number of renovations each with its own ad hoc agenda and questionable construction. Even so, the site and views and scale of the place had great appeal to our client who allowed us to substantially remake it to suit her needs.

Happily, considering the often drawn out planning approvals in the City the client brief had a good fit with the existing building envelope. We were able to totally rebuild the house (including the foundations, much to the owners surprise and chagrin) without going through the sometimes tedious San Francisco neighborhood process and simultaneously satisfy the owner’s desire to have what amounts to an urban cottage.

©Photography by: David Livingston