Napa Valley, California

The Oakville Ranch sits high above the Napa Valley along the eastern flank with spectacular vineyard, range, and valley views that run all the way from St Helena down to the San Francisco bay delta. The ranch is about 350 acres with approximately 90 acres of vineyard.

The project consisted of remodeling the existing frame and stone buildings as well as adding new buildings and functions to suit the owners’ requirements for a comfortable, contemporary, and unpretentious weekend home.

The original rustic stone buildings date back to 1904 and have a colorful rich history. They were home to a prohibition era distillery, a state senator with a craving for medieval themes, and an executive retreat/bed and breakfast. Each successive remodel of the building had left a trail of dubious and tacky “improvements.” The original stone buildings had integrity of their own worth exposing and enhancing.

©Photography by: Mark Darley and Marc LaRoche Architects